#WCW Meaning on Instagram

What does WCW mean on Instagram?

#WCW Meaning: Woman Crush Wednesday

WCW Instagram Meaning is Woman Crush Wednesday.

#WCW is a popular hashtag used on Instagram. On IG (Instagram), the WCW meaning is Woman Crush Wednesday. The WCW hashtag is used on Instagram when users posts photos of women that they have a “crush” on, or like. Typical WCW posts will be photos of models, movie stars, singers, etc. than people think are pretty, hot, etc. Instagram users may also post photos of their girlfriends as their “WCWs”. Women posted on Instagram may be referred to as “my WCW”. Users will typically use captions such as “shoutout to @username! #WCW” or “My WCW today is @username! #WCW #beautiful”. The hashtag WCW is also used on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr in the same way it’s used on Instagram. On Instagram, the #WCW meaning is Woman Crush Wednesday.

WCW Hashtag Meaning: Woman Crush Wednesday

#WCW Meaning - WCW Meaning on Instagram

WCW Example: “My #WCW is my beautiful girlfriend Jenna! #loveyou #bae”

Hashtag WCW = Woman Crush Wednesday

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