#SMH Meaning on Instagram

What does SMH mean on Instagram?

#SMH Meaning: Shaking My Head

SMH Instagram Meaning is Shaking My Head.

#SMH is a popular hashtag used on Instagram. On IG (Instagram), the SMH meaning is Shaking My Head. On Instagram, people use the term SMH when they post something that they either can’t believe or are surprised by, or don’t agree with or disapprove of. For example, if a person says that “2+2=4, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot”, you make shake your head at them in disbelief. If someone buys a brand new car and decides to put scratches in the paint for fun, you may shake your head and think “Why are they doing that to their brand new car?”. In addition to being used on Instagram, SMH is used on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, as well as on forums and message boards and in text messaging and internet chat. The #SMH meaning is Shaking My Head.

SMH Hashtag Meaning: Shaking My Head

#SMH Meaning - SMH Meaning on Instagram

SMH Example: An Instagram user posts a video of someone driving into a wall because they put their car in drive instead of reverse and used the caption “Good one, buddy! #SMH”.

Hashtag SMH = Shaking My Head

Simliar hashtags to SMH: SMFH (Shaking My Fucking Head)

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