#L4L Meaning on Instagram

What does L4L mean on Instagram?

#L4L Meaning: Like-for-Like

L4L Instagram Meaning is Like-for-Like.

#L4L is a popular hashtag used on Instagram. On IG (Instagram), the L4L meaning is Like-for-Like. Instagram users will often comment on other user’s photos saying things like “L4L?” or “#L4L”. This means that they would like to exchange photo likes. L4L is a popular way to look more popular on Instagram and to even become popular. L4L means that if you like someone’s photo, they will like one of yours. The opposite is true as well – if you like another user’s photo, they will likes a photo of yours in return. Unlike F4F, which is very similar, it is not too noticeable if you are liking a lot of photos on Instagram. This means that it will look like you have a lot of likes on your photos and you’ll look more popular. On Instagram, the #L4L meaning is Like-for-Like.

L4L Hashtag Meaning: Like-for-Like

#L4L Meaning - L4L Meaning on Instagram

L4L Example: An Instagram user likes another users photo and leaves a comment saying “#L4L!”.

Hashtag L4L = Like-for-Like

Simliar hashtags to L4L: F4F

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