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Welcome to Hashtag Meaning, a handwritten Instagram hashtag dictionary featuring the meanings of top Instagram hashtags. Unlike other slang dictionaries and hashtag dictionaries, our hashtag definitions are handwritten and thoroughly researched to provide users with relevant definitions and meanings to their hashtag and acronym questions rather than 50 unrelated definitions.

Instagram Hashtag Dictionary:

#FBF Meaning – Flashback Friday
#WCW Meaning – Woman Crush Wednesday
#MCM Meaning – Man Crush Monday
#TBT Meaning – Throwback Thursday
#OOTD Meaning – Outfit of the Day
#OOTN Meaning – Outfit of the Night
#TBH Meaning – To Be Honest
#CTFU Meaning – Cracking the Fuck Up
#F4F Meaning – Follow-for-Follow
#L4L Meaning – Like-for-Like
#FML Meaning – Fuck My Life
#FTW Meaning – Fuck the World
#WTF Meaning – What the Fuck
#SMH Meaning – Shaking My Head

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Instagram Hashtag Dictionary